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Pacifica Cohousing in Carrboro

Many people around the world are rediscovering and reinventing community, and reclaiming its power to create more choices in how we live and work. That creative power grows best when people can connect and interweave locally. 

We are Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen of Planning for Sustainable Communities, based in Berkeley, California. We travel the country giving talks and trainings, and now, organizing events like Future of Community.  We can help you organize a lively convergence of local community seekers, organizers, and members of existing initiatives in your hometown! 

Using Open Space methods, Future of Community events combine peer-to-peer sharing and mini-workshops on skills and knowledge that are key to successful community development.We connect you with other pioneers and trainers already active in the Fellowship for intentional Community, Global Ecovillage Network, Cohousing Association of the US, Transition US and other partners.  The events give you time to meet, learn, share, enjoy each other's company AND strategize about next steps locally, and ways to followup afterwards..

The information below and on other parts of the site is from the Future of Community event we organized in Durham, North Carolina, in April, 2012.  66 people, representing 20 different intentional communities and other grassroots organizations came for the day.  (Testimonials are on the menu bar above).

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What: A gathering of community-oriented seekers, organizers, citizens, and activists

When and Where:  404 Alexander Avenue, Durham, NC, 27705 (Durham Friends Meeting House), Saturday, April 21, 9:30-5PM 

Why:  We're celebrating Earth Day, the International UN Year of the Cooperative, the 25th Anniversary of the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), and the birth of North Carolina's newest cohousing communities, Durham Central Park and Elderberry, in Rougemont, NC.

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How: Using open space facilitation,  everyone will have a chance to name, choose, lead, and learn, with sessions built from the experience and interests of those attending. (Check the schedule and program pages for more details.)  You can declare an intention for a session when you register, or wait and see what inspires you on April 21. 

More what: 

Come for plenaries, panels, and participant-led sessions with on-the-ground discussions and mini-trainings such as: 

  • Ecovillages: Natural building and Permaculture Design
  • Planning for Climate Change
  • Aging in Community
  • History of Quaker Coops (from Celo to Atlanta)
  • AVP and Occupy; Social Permaculture and Transition Towns
  • Capitalizing Community
  • Consensus and Conflict-Resolution
  • Sociocracy and more!

Films on sustainable communities and related topics will be showing throughout the day.  Bookstore with exemplary videos, books, magazines available for purchase. 

Bring your experience, plans, and visions! 

Community-Made Lunch available to buy; or bring your own

Cost: The event is supported only by local contributions. We invite you to give $25 to $45 to cover expenses and help the organizers keep this work going. Give what you can. All are welcome. 

Your hosts: Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen are organizers of Cohousing California and East Bay Cohousing, the largest intentional communities meetup group in the world! We are organizers, facilitators, networkers,evangelists, journalists, consultants and coaches, who have been active with both Coho/US and FIC for more than 10 years.We are fortunate to know so many pioneers in the cutting edge of cooperative community and economic practice in the Bay Area and where-ever we travel. Who knew we'd find anarcho--syndicalists, permaculturists, artists, suburban cohousers, and new urbanist developers at our last gathering in Dallas,Texas this March?  

Having visited Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (and other parts of North Carolina) since 2006, we know how rich you are in people, history, and passion for sustainable community.  So we are working hard to connect folks we know and folks like you to make the most of this convergence in Durham, April 21st.   

Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsor: Fellowship for Intentional Community (publisher of the International Directory of Communities and Communities Magazine). Now celebrating 25 years. 

Join us April 21st.  Whatever the problem, more community just might be part of the answer!

Let us know your interests: 

This event is supported wholly its participants and organizers. 

Brought to you by Planning for Sustainable Communities.